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Whether your facility is a new installation, is in need of refurbishment or requires maintenance, the Laminar team can provide a solution.

The team brings their unique combination of experience, creative problem solving and professional business and project management capabilities to your project.

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Control System Upgrades

Support all aspects of upgrading partial to whole controls systems including design, integration, material, construction, and startup.

Control System Design Engineer

Conduct all phases from concept thru design and complete responsibilities with successful commissioning of the system.

PROJECT: 45 MW Biomass Boiler Stability
• Redesigned the fuel/air regulatory analog control logic to more traditional and proven combustion control theory. Also, redesigned the areas of the control logic that I had identified as inherent to causing instabilities.

PROJECT: Boiler Controls Upgrade Project
• Completed a full control system logic design specification that describes in detail how the functional logic was to work. This achievement has also been called "control narratives".

• Create a "Plant Master" control logic design that would coodinate up to three boiler's steam production allowing the operator either fully automatic control or manual operation of any combination of multiple boilers.

• Designed an advanced boiler control logic using features like, cascade control, feedforward, cross limiting, O2 trim, bumpless transfers, and fully metered on each critical process parameter. Results achieved an estimated $140k per year in fuel savings.

• Provided both the demolition plan and upgraded instrumentation design for all process instrumentation on this system primarily using the Piping and Instrument Drawings (P&ID's) as the method of documentation.

• Used Preferred Instrument's software application programs PCC_3 Edit and PC3_Draw to conduct as-builds of the logic modificaitons.

PROJECT: Combined Cycle Power Plant Steam Drain System Improvement Project
• Converted the steam drain control system from a pure open/close digital control of numerous ball valves to analog control of several control valves.

PROJECT: Gas Compressor Control Logic Upgrade Project
• Designed & converted the full analog and digital (SAMA & Boolean) functional logic as drawn up in Microsoft Visio to the equivalent functionality using Allen-Bradley's ladder logic. This was a major conversion of block logic to ladder logic achievement.

• Designed extremely stable fully automated pressure control logic for tandem gas compressors in a lead/lag strategy incorporating the loading solenoids and bypass valves as the trim control. The design was documented as SAMA functional drawings.

PROJECT: Gas Turbine Refurbishment & Turbine/HRSG Controls Upgrade Project
• Based on the reverse engineering of the existing hardware and software logic, researched and specified the replacement multi-loop controllers for the HRSG control system.

• Constructed and completed a full bench testing with both HRSG controllers (Plant Master & Drum Level) using other stand-alone controllers programmed with real world simulation of process variables. This tested both software & hardware designs.

• Created informal sketches of the electrical schematics for all of the interface wiring between the Preferred Instruments HRSG controllers and the inputs/outputs.

• Performed all of the control logic programming for both upgraded HRSG controllers (Plant Master & Drum Level) using Preferred Instruments PC-3 Draw and PC-3 Edit programs. This documentation was a translation of the completed designed simple SAMA logic.

• Successfully designed an innovative and stable multi-mode Plant Master analog control logic for regulation of steam delivery from the HRSG. This logic incorporated predictive control loops using 4 elements of analog process inputs.

• Upgraded three Contrec flow computers for use as signal transmitters. Completed all software configurations, wiring design sketches and installation, testing, and final commissioning.

• Designed the full control system logic for the "Wet-Nox Water Injection" for a Solar Turbine Centaur 40. The original logic didn't work. Improved process indications were used combined with new logic to create a very stable and effective control system.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Completed modifications to the river flow data logging transducer system such that it could provide a equivalent 4-20mA signal to the spread spectrum wireless SCADA system. Coodinated all software and hardware/wiring mod's.

• Designed an innovative automatic river flow control logic that managed two water turbines and three sizes of bypass valves to a user specified flow set point. This logic overcame a 7 minute lag, turbine trips, and twin bypass valve operations.

• Established the necessary initial input/output database for the control system upgrade through a thorough review of finding lost original documentation. The database was built in Microsoft Excel.

• Provided the design engineering of all material specifications, software configurations, and startup commissioning of the upgraded river flow wireless monitoring system that used spread spectrum wireless data transmission technology.

• Provided the engineering design establishing the new designs for all aspects of control for this hydro facility including unit startup/shutdown, synchronizing, load control, and local/remote control.

PROJECT: Hydrogen Sulfide Incinerator Replacement for Geothermal Generation
• Completed formal process component functional descriptive narratives (also called "control narratives") for all major devices for the H2S abatement process.

• Designed a "simple" versus "complex" analog control logic with cross tracking for combustion air flow based on fuel/air ratio, O2 trim, and cross correction with fuel.

• Designed an automated lead/lag motor start for a set of three combustion blowers. The logic automatically chose lead/lag/standby based on operator selected parameters.

• Designed from scratch all Burner Management System (BMS) logic to NFPA 8501 standards including the master trips using Microsoft Excel as a Boolean dynamic simulator to conduct logic testing.

• For this DCS upgrade, the field device input/output database was developed implemented and completely managed using Microsoft Access.

PROJECT: Steam Drum Level Control Stability
• Built for the tech shop personnel a simulator for boiler spray water attemperation to be used as a training device for their Westinghouse 1500 GPC micro's. Bench testing discovered inherent software problem with these controllers.

• Upgraded the functional control logic for drum level control to a more standard design including installing the correct drum pressure compensation for converting differential pressure level instrument to drum level.

PROJECT: Turbine Gland Steam Controls Upgrade Project
• Upgraded existing logic on the 1st stage pressure/temp controls and installed "smart" DCS logic on the steam supply and dump valves where controls were moved from the field into the DCS. The smart features included coordinated setpoints and fail safe.

PROJECT: Twin 335 MW Units Complete Controls Tuning Program
• Corrected and upgraded the superheat and reheat temperature controls for two CE boilers. This involved an improved use of the burner tilts for primary temperature control and then coordinating this with the spray water attemperation controls.

Control System Upgrade Inspector

Provide technical oversight to a design and/or construction contractor for the upgrade of a control system.

PROJECT: Boiler Controls Upgrade Project
• Completed multiple specification submittal reviews to insure material and construction contractor held to the control system design specification. Negotiated compromises in critical areas of the process and control design.

PROJECT: DCS Upgrade Project
• Responsible for final construction inspection services for the control system upgrade electrical interface contractor. Inspection services were wrapped into the Construction Managers responsibilities managing the electrical contractor.

PROJECT: Gas Turbine Refurbishment & Turbine/HRSG Controls Upgrade Project
• Provided review of the turbine control system subcontractor's drawing submittals to verify accuracy to the existing electrical design, to the logic design, and input/output list for the new Allen-Bradley ControLogix PLC.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Conducted field verifications on the modifications to the electrical circuits for the control system upgrade. Translated the findings from the field to "as-builts" on the electrical schematics and wiring diagrams for approval by the electrical engineer.

PROJECT: Total Unit Trip Testing Project for a Large Generation Site
• Provided expert control system technical oversight to Black & Veach during DCS construction and startup; especially in the area of hardwire trip protection integration into the DCS.

Process/Controls Troubleshooting Engineer

Conduct assessment evaluations on plant processes and/or control systems typically to determine operational problems.

PROJECT: State Prison Solar Turbines (2) Maintenance Services
• Completed a study of the functional logic for load shedding existing within a problematic design, built a complete bench test system including real world simulation, and redesigned the logic to meet the site's load shedding requirements.

• Correctly diagnosed a failed LonTalk adapter interface (the pcimia PCC-10) card for the ENCORP communication device to the UPC and two GPC's. Correctly replaced with a LonTalk SLTA-10 adapter, installed the software configuration, and commissioned.