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Whether your facility is a new installation, is in need of refurbishment or requires maintenance, the Laminar team can provide a solution.

The team brings their unique combination of experience, creative problem solving and professional business and project management capabilities to your project.

For additional detilas about a specific project or facility, please contact us at 1-888-705-0072 or email .


Construction Management

Responsible for completing safely and with no environmental issues the scope of design to a finish project while managing easily the scope versus cost and schedule.

Construction Manager

Responsible for all aspects from receiving the design to the final completion of a construction project.

PROJECT: Combined Cycle Power Plant Steam Drain System Improvement Project
• Provided the design, wrote, and coordinated the complete construction specification including piping, valves, weld specifications, wire, and conduit design for the modifications to this steam drain system and new control valves.

PROJECT: DCS Upgrade Project
• Successfully managed the electrical DCS interface to all plant equipment with the electrical sub-contractor Contra Costa Electric. This included designing an innovative method of scope and cost breakdown structure for billing accuracy.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Successfully managed all of the sub-contracted work which primarily included the refurbishment of the electrical generators, excitation equipment, and Francis water turbines.

Project Manager

Safely and within all environmental compliance laws, successfully complete scope, schedule, and costs of a project.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Fully implemented, managed, and maintained in total compliance a formal power utility safety clearance procedure. This included development of a Master Clearance sheet, use of lockboxes, clearance tags, and managing the clearance holders.