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PROJECT: DCS Upgrade Project

An independent power producer (IPP) owned a significant portion of the west coast generation assests including a 210 MW unit consisting of a natural gas fired Riley Stoker boiler and a Westinghouse tandem compound turbine/generator. This client needed to install a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to meet recent air emission standards but their existing Bailey pneumatic boiler combustion control system with a partial Westinghouse WDPF DCS temperature control system was obsolete and inadequate for this type of a control system upgrade.

The IPP's choice was to perform a full unit control system upgrade. The IPP's in-house control system expertise was talented and enabled them to bid a full control system upgrade specification with the successful supplier being ABB Inc. with their Symphony control system.

A project of this magnitude would have overloaded the IPP's single control system expert to manage so the IPP contracted for management services as a formal Project Manager. A specific criterion requested by the IPP was that the Project Manager have an extensive background in process and control systems.