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Whether your facility is a new installation, is in need of refurbishment or requires maintenance, the Laminar team can provide a solution.

The team brings their unique combination of experience, creative problem solving and professional business and project management capabilities to your project.

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Instrumentation Testing/Maintenance

Responsible for the performance evaluation (typically stroking the device), conducting calibrations, and repairing control system transmitters, drives, and intermediate devices.

Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer

Responsible for performing maintenance, calibrations, and record keeping on client's instrumentation.

PROJECT: Boiler Controls Upgrade Project
• Wrote a complete maintenance specification contract for the State of CA for the purpose of conducting all instrumentation and controls maintenance for three 25,000 lbs/hr steam boilers.

PROJECT: Combined Cycle Power Plant Steam Drain System Improvement Project
• Responsible for the final calibration checks for all the valve positioners, valve indications, and other various transmitters in miscellaneous control systems.

PROJECT: Facility Steam Usage Metering Project
• Completed all bench testing of the full system which included the Rosemount 3051SMV transmitter providing a signal to the Contrec's flow computer.

• Completed the programming configuration of all the Contrec meter parameters necessary to use this microprocessor flow computer indication device as the site's energy meter.

• Provided the material specification, purchase requisition, instrument software configuration using the AMS software for a Rosemount differential pressure transmitter configured to measure the energy usage of steam at saturated conditions.

PROJECT: Gas Compressor Control Logic Upgrade Project
• Conducted a full "as-built" update of all instrumentation inputs and outputs to the Allen-Bradley SLC-5/05 PLC I/O modules. Corrected the client's field drawings.

PROJECT: Gas Turbine Refurbishment & Turbine/HRSG Controls Upgrade Project
• Correctly diagnosed a failing Bailey differential pressure transmitter used for drum level indication. Spec'd out and purchased a replacement Rosemount 4-20 mA transmitter.

• Correctly diagnosed, bench tested, and replaced the vibration accelerometer signal conditioning module for the gearbox vibration monitoring input on the gas turbine.

• Found and corrected a severe ground loop problem in the 4-20mA loops causing erratic control system stability for steam production from the original HRSG control system.

• Performed and completed all of the wiring installation of the new HRSG controllers with their respective power supplies and all input/outputs.

PROJECT: Refurbishment of Large Boiler Pneumatic Combustion Controls
• Built from scratch a Microsoft Access database of all the instrumentation devices restored during the work on this project. Presented a formal report to serve as client's instrumentation history file.

• Performed initial calibration tests on all control system process input transmitters and output control system drives and positioners. Sub-contracted bulk repairs to the control drives. Performed final drive positioner calibrations and stroke testing.

PROJECT: State Prison Solar Turbines (2) Maintenance Services
• Successfully replaced the PanelMate operator interface HMI device used for automatic operation of the full load management system. Of critical importance was the transfer of programming configuration from the failed HMI to the replacement.

PROJECT: Steam Drum Level Control Stability
• Performed a complete audit of all Rosemount 3051 transmitters used in the feedwater flow, steam flow, and drum level indications and control. Documented the errors found, installed corrections, and commissioned improvements.

• Successfully diagnosed and improved the performance of a Foxboro/Jordan Controls linear actuator used on a boiler feedpump fluid drive scoop tube variable speed drive.

PROJECT: Twin 335 MW Units Complete Controls Tuning Program
• Performed a complete FD fan performance test on fans equipped with variable fluid drive couplings, stroked and calibrated the control drives, and calibrated the I/P (current to pneumatic transmitter device) transmitters. Corrected all problems found.