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Whether your facility is a new installation, is in need of refurbishment or requires maintenance, the Laminar team can provide a solution.

The team brings their unique combination of experience, creative problem solving and professional business and project management capabilities to your project.

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Boiler Aux Equip Design & Install

Match client's requirements to the final design from the vendor for boiler auxiliary equipment.

Control System Design Engineer

Conduct all phases from concept thru design and complete responsibilities with successful commissioning of the system.

PROJECT: Steam Drum Level Control Stability
• Researched and provided the material specification for the replacement of a Jordan linear actuator with a Beck drive for a boiler feedpump fluid coupling scoop tube drive actuator.

System Integration Engineer

Engineer the required equipment to match the criteria specified by the client.

PROJECT: Boiler Black Furnace Trip Protection for a Large Steam Unit
• Researched and designed the type and installation of an inserted lens boiler burner combustion furnace camera system.