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Whether your facility is a new installation, is in need of refurbishment or requires maintenance, the Laminar team can provide a solution.

The team brings their unique combination of experience, creative problem solving and professional business and project management capabilities to your project.

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Power Plant Restoration

Provide technical and managerial consultation for the restoration of decommissioned or problematic generating units.

Lead Unit Restoration Consultant

Provide expert technical consulting for the restoration of a decommissioned or problematic generating unit.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Developed a demolition plan for the hardwired electrical relay logic against the challenge of undocumented "daisy-chained" wiring in the original installation. The plan was developed by conducting hands-on pilot demolition to establish methodology.

PROJECT: Refurbishment of Large Boiler Pneumatic Combustion Controls
• Provided the expert mechanical analysis for the restoration of the combustion air forced draft fans inlet air flow throttling vanes. As-found condition were "non-functional" and full flow functionality was restored via a restoration program.

PROJECT: Simultaneous Restoration of Two Biomass Power Plants
• Responsible for expert consultation between the Rockwell Automation field engineers and the owner/operators. Coordinated the complete technical aspect of hardware and software upgrades for the full integrated PLC control system.

PROJECT: Total Unit Trip Testing Project for a Large Generation Site
• Provided technical management oversight for all activities related to the restoration work of three engineers. The work scope included DCS control system, auxiliary equipment testing, clearance coordination, and final startup testing of Unit 20.

Project Manager

Safely and within all environmental compliance laws, successfully complete scope, schedule, and costs of a project.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Completed a full project assessment against the challenge of limited documentation and client expertise of the hydro plant design and operations. Successfully guided the client towards a realistic final project work scope.

Startup Testing Engineer

Review existing plant design, field verify design integrity, write and conduct final startup test procedures.

PROJECT: Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project
• Designed and implemented the startup functional tests for each component of this hydro-electric facility primarily focusing on the mechanical systems; e.g., turbine, bypass valves, turbine stop valves, etc.