Energy & Power Generation Consulting,
Engineering & Management Services



Laminar Energy Services offers strategic management, engineering and consulting services to the power generation industry.

With experience in a variety of settings, the Laminar team provides unique and specialized capabilities to your power-facility project.

Select from the list below to view detailed Service descriptions, including associated skills, equipment and project experience.


Boiler Aux Equip Design & Install


Construction Management


Control System Upgrades


General Mechanical Engineering


Instrumentation Testing/Maintenance


Operator HMI Graphics Designing


Operator/Technician Training


Power Plant Restoration


Process & Controls Tuning


Process Design Modifications


Project Coordination


Project Startup & Commissioning


Regulatory Compliance


Reverse Engineering Control Systems


Software Testing


Troubleshooting/Equipment Assessment


Unit Trip Testing


Operator/Technician Training


The ability to communicate easily to a group of personnel the process and functionality of complex systems typically to a group of process operators. Being able to make complex systems easy to understand.

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