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Laminar Energy is poised to bring first-generation biomass facilities up to date using engineering design, construction, operation, and documentation capabilities used in the large utility power generation market.


We have the experience to intelligently bridge older biomass energy production methods with today's economically efficient, safe, and environmentally compliant formal standards.

Current conditions are advantageous for refurbishments of existing biomass facilities

In the mid-1980s, biomass energy conversion was still in its beginning stages of technological development, with fuel combustion techniques similar to those typically used in the coal industry. This, combined with the need for an attractive cost-to- benefit financial position, resulted in facilities that generally did not perform within the formal standards and methods typically found in the large utility power generation market.

The good news is that many of these facilities are still operational or ready to restart.

Laminar Energy can provide the experience and sound creative methods to bring these biomass systems up to date through equipment utilization, process and control system upgrades, and refurbishments.


Simultaneous Restoration of Two Biomass Power Plants

With our unique combination of practical hands-on experience, management and engineering excellence, we returned to service simultaneously two separate 12.5 MW biomass power plant sites (fuel = pulverized wood) in 3 days, not the previously predicted two weeks.

Biomass Fueled Gas Turbine Project Assessment

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