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PROJECT: Biomass Fueled Gas Turbine Project Assessment

An independent power generation developer requested engineering services in the continued progress of constructing the first commercial operation of a biomass fueled gas turbine/generation unit. A formal "demonstration" project had been completed in the late 1990's under a Federal energy grant but when funding was depleted, that site was decommissioned and components were stored in buildings in the Midwest.

A small group of potential investors were indicating interest in this technology. Therefore, the players were the power plant experts, the developer who held an extremely large amount of disorganized electronic documentation, and potential investors with limited understanding of power production. The requested engineering services, prior to any contracts being signed, was an attempt to review the electronic documentation, provide the investors insight into the technology, and move this project to the next step of investing into a formal contract for commercial operation.

The technology used wood products into a GE LM1500 gas turbine for use in electrical generation. The engineering services included assisting in organizing the documentation to determine the initial feasibility of moving forward towards a commercial operating plant and identifying the systems, critique pitfalls, and evaluate potential alternatives.