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Laminar Energy brings 35+ years of experience to tackle the challenges faced in process and control systems and 25 years in real-world construction issues faced in the competitive and resource-intensive energy generation industry.


The individuals who have co-founded Laminar Energy were directly involved with the take over of a complex hydro plant project-an abandoned plant with no access to previous engineering or operations resources-and convert it from a design that required full-time personnel to a completely automated unmanned facility. In this one project, the two co-founding principals of Laminar Energy successfully used their expert engineering and management skills to overcome extensive resource, management and financial challenges, revitalizing and bringing the facility online.


Hydro Power Plant Refurbishment & Upgrade Project

The two co-founding principals of Laminar Energy were the two most critical resources on the complete restoration of a 3.5 MW hydroelectric facility with their responsibilities being Project Manager, Process and Control System Engineer, and Construction Manager.

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