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PROJECT: Ultrasonic Flow Monitor Installation

An independent power producer (IPP) owned a significant portion of the west coast generation assets including a plant located on the Sacramento River delta. At this plant, regulatory requirements had brought about the need for measuring the amount of water being discharged to the waterway from the cooling process. The largest unit at this site was serviced by a cooling tower and basin system. The water level in the basin was controlled by pumping water to or from the adjacent waterway.

The project consisted of researching the different types of flow metering technology; finding existing access to the flow, where it could be monitored and getting the data back to recording devices in one of the units control room.

The most promising location for monitoring had been previously abandoned due to repeated equipment failures. Further investigation of the site revealed a drainage problem that had led to flooding. Previous flow monitoring equipment had been water resistant, but not suitable for full submersion, leading to their failures. Therefore Ultrasonic Transit Time monitoring was selected because submersible transducers were now available and the flow monitor itself could be mounted remotely in a dry location which also offered existing spare data circuits connected directly to the proper control room.

The installation and commissioning of the equipment were completed and have already provided several years of accurate, trouble free service.


• Successfully installed flow monitoring equipment in a previously unusable site through use of correct type of hardware and proper component location.