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PROJECT: Correctional Complex Feasibility Study Review

A major supplier of facility building energy management systems requested a review of their Energy Savings Performance contract technical work scope. The originally proposed work scope include extensive modifications to the existing steam energy production plant, hot water heating system, building space heating systems, laundry steam usage, and kitchen food heating kettles.

Engineering services was responsible for completing a full feasibility study on the proposed energy system modifications. This work included assessments of existing equipment, heat transfer and thermodynamic engineering calculations of the existing versus proposed changes, and the production of a fully documented technical report.


• Conducted an engineering analysis on the hot water heat exchanger in a large commercial facility hydronic heating system. Analysis included thermodynamic comparison of performance between 30 to 15 psig steam supply.

• Completed a boiler capacity calculation for the scenario of reducing the operating pressure from 60 psig to 15 psig on a 100 HP Cleaver Brooks package boiler.

• Used an adiabatic compressible flow modelling software program to verify pipe diameters for large and small bore steam piping for the facilities steam energy system. Compared the two operating pressure scenarios of 60 psig versus 15 psig operation.

• Conducted a thermodynamic analysis of three different steam energy supplies to determine if a 15 psig steam boiler could be used to supply heating steam to a portion of their facility, why the current system is working, and why a 5psig system didn't work.