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PROJECT: Large Boiler Combustion Troubleshooting/Tuning Project

This project was a return visit after being away from the site for over two years (i.e., see project: Twin 335 MW Units Complete Controls Tuning Program). Engineering services had completed a full tuning program on both units in May of 2002. At which time, both units were very responsive, stable, and achieved their full load capabilities. During that two year period, the IPP had installed a "blackbox" boiler optimization software program on one of the units.

The engineering service was able to compare the copy of previous software logic taken two years prior with the existing logic, document any differences, and conclude where the problem area was located. The cause of the combustion instabilities was identified to be how the optimization software program had interfaced with the existing control logic. The combustion optimization would occur while the unit was parked at a fixed load but when the unit moved to a new load, the optimization would not be correct at the new load or for the load change itself.

A formal final report was provided documenting the process used for troubleshooting, any tuning changes made, and discussion regarding the improper implimentation of the combustion optimization software.

There had been a historical curtailment of 10 MW for this unit due to the unstable optimization software so a full load test was conducted which proved that full load capability had not changed since the tuning effort two years ago.


• Correctly identified the cause of combustion instabilities resulting from the improper application of a "combustion optimization" software "blackbox" program. Documented findings and presented the report to the client.