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PROJECT: DCS Upgrade Project

An independent power producer (IPP) owned a significant portion of the west coast generation assests including a 210 MW unit consisting of a natural gas fired Riley Stoker boiler and a Westinghouse tandem compound turbine/generator. This client needed to install a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to meet recent air emission standards but their existing Bailey pneumatic boiler combustion control system with a partial Westinghouse WDPF DCS temperature control system was obsolete and inadequate for this type of a control system upgrade.

The IPP's choice was to perform a full unit control system upgrade. The IPP's in-house control system expertise was talented and enabled them to bid a full control system upgrade specification with the successful supplier being ABB Inc. with their Symphony control system.

A project of this magnitude would have overloaded the IPP's single control system expert to manage so the IPP contracted for management services as a formal Project Manager. A specific criterion requested by the IPP was that the Project Manager have an extensive background in process and control systems.


• Successfully managed the electrical DCS interface to all plant equipment with the electrical sub-contractor Contra Costa Electric. This included designing an innovative method of scope and cost breakdown structure for billing accuracy.

• Responsible for conducting unit trip testing in areas where the DCS upgrade created changes in the original plant hardwire trip scheme. This involved finding all problems and resolving these specific issues towards completion of a successful Trip Test.