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PROJECT: Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) Upgrade

An independent power producer (IPP) owned a significant portion of the west coast generation assets including three plants with a combined capability of 2330 MW This client needed to upgrade their Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG) through which secure communication with the Independent System Operator (ISO) is achieved. This project had an extra level of complication due to the fact that the plants were to remain online or available during the entire process.

The project consisted of two phases:
The first phase of the project required that specifications and quotes be obtained for the RIG equipment and installation.
The second phase was to find a solution for connecting a system that communicates in DNP and interface it with the existing field devices through a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) which communicates in proprietary PG&E language that is no longer supported.

After a project assessment was completed the IPP’s choice was to go one plant at a time and simultaneously replace both the RIG and corresponding RTUs.

A project of this type requiring high levels of oversight and research would have overburdened the IT department additionally they were not equipped to deal with the design of field wiring modifications and plant drawing revisions. Since the plants were to remain available, it was necessary to coordinate a control scheme with the ISO and demonstrate that metering would not be affected therefore project management, engineering and drafting services were provided.


• Created new and revised existing plant drawings that would accurately illustrate the RIG/RTU system and its relationship to the plant and ISO