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Pressurized Radiant Boiler w/ reheat @ 1.2 MMlbs/hr, 1800 psig, 1000F

PROJECT: Total Unit Trip Testing Project for a Large Generation Site

This project was a 180 MW, natural gas-fired fossil fueled generating unit with a Babcock & Wilcox 1.2 MMlbs/hr boiler at 1800 psig and 1000F final superheat. The unit was originally constructed in 1952 and owned by Consolidated Edison of New York. An independent power producer (IPP) purchased the plant which consisted of five larger generating units. The first two large units had been destructively decommissioned by Consolidated Edison in 1992. In the eight years of retirement, both of these units were pirated by Consolidated Edison personnel to maintain the remaining three operational units. The new IPP determined that one of the previously destructively decommissioned unit's generation availability would economically benefit their total mix of generation assets in the east coast competitive market place.

The IPP contracted various independent contractors to provide restoration expertise to the revitalization of the project unit. While presenting potential alternatives for boiler flame monitoring systems, it was discovered that the restoration work also needed engineering resources for the complete research, restoration, and testing of the hardwired trip circuits for the boiler, turbine, and generator/transformer protective systems.

Therefore, this project included the engineering work necessary to completely restore previously destroyed and poorly documented hardwire trip circuits for all unit operation. Specific resources concentrated on the boiler and turbine trip circuit restoration work. Overall management services were included to coordinate this restoration work including providing supervision of the generator/transformer protectice systems.


• Repaired and restored the DC Ground Detection system so that it can be used to detect a ground while restoration work proceeded.

• Completely reviewed all relative site documentation including all electrical schematics, compared this review to the field installation, corrected through repair or replacement all deficiencies, and wrote and conducted final boiler trip test.